Social Hub

Social Hub

EInnovator Social Hub is an out-of-the box service for inter-user communication, commenting, and interaction. Let users communicate freely, comment on objects, leave impressions, and reward users as gamification for added engagement.

Feature AreaFeatureUse Cases
Embeddable CommentsComment List, Post, Edit, ReplyEmbedded comments and discussion for any object in your app
Discussion forumsHelp-Center, Share discussion spaces, community building
Contributors access controlControl who can post, and managed posts and users
MessagingInter-user messagingUser work coordination and communication.
Group messagingTeam work.
ReactionsVotes, Likes, and Other ReactionsReactions over message posts
Dynamic registration of roles and permissionsApplication defined roles and access control rules
RewardsUser BadgesRewards users for milestone achievements
Reputation PointsCompute user ranks.

Feature Overview

EInnovator Social Hub is provides an API and UI for inter-user communication, commenting, and other human communication, coordination, and participation aspects.

Any and all object manage by applications can have a dedicate channel for comment posting. Discussion and question-answer spaces can also be created using provided abstractions and UI.

Inter-user communication is supported via private messaging, and group chats.

Several gamification elements are provided to enhance user engagement, including impression, such as likes and votes, reputation points, and multiple types of badges for performed actions.

Social Communication — Background

Humans are social creatures by definition, and all human activities involve communication and coordination. Thus, most if not all applications and business use case benefit from allowing inter-user communication, such as comment streams managed object, dropping of impressions (likes and votes).

Like notifications and social communication, user rewards are also a great way increase user contributions and engagement. This can take a form of reputation points for accumulated actions, and badges and prices for performing specific categories of actions.