Payment Gateway

EInnovator Payment Gateway provides an out-of-the box solution to enable Payments in your applications. Monetize your applications from day one.

Feature AreaFeatureUse Cases
Card Management & PaymentsPersonal and Organization CardsManage User and Organization cards with PCI Compliance
Stripe and PayPal IntegrationInterface with Stripe and PayPal
Country TaxesConfigurable Country Taxes
Bank TransfersPLAID, SEPA bank payments and transferAutomate direct payments with transfer bank transfers
Customizable feesImplement marketplaces with platforms fees
Invoices & Purchase OrdersInvoices
Purchases Orders
Ethereum Blockchain TokensSolidity Contract TokensDefine custom backup policy with filtering
Fiat and Crypto ExchangeCustomize Invitation Messages with Templates and Motive Objects

Feature Overview

EInnovator Payments Gateway provides a variety of feature that makes it suitable to only for billing, but also to support complex marketplaces involving multiple parties and roles.

In provides a customizable UI that can be used by users to manage their payment data, make payments, obtain invoices, and get money back. Administrators can also use the UI to manage payments, and perform auditing activities.

It has support for configurable multi-currency handling, and country-specific tax configuration.

By default, the Payment Gateway uses Stripe and PayPal as cloud payment gateways. But integration with others can be added on demand.

Etherum Blockchain based tokens solutions can also optionally be used for innovative business models.

Payments & Monetization — Background

Virtually all application and platforms require payment processing to be done within the system for monetization, and/or enabling business transaction. Thus what ever the industry, or business model, payment processing and management is required at some point in application workflows.

While variation in detail are possible, the benefits of making use of a reusable payment infra-structured for payments, rather than reinventing the wheel should be self evident.

Credit/Debit cards management and payments are a minimal required capability to have. Security and compliance mandates that specific practices are followed in order to ensure the integrity of transaction and security of the the data.

Integration with Bank transfer networks, like PLAID in US and SEPA in Europe, are also a often add on to support many business cases.

Proper invoicing, tax handling, fee structures, and purchase order management, are other nice to have features and sometime essential to some business model.

Finally, non-traditional payment models, like pre-paid wallets, and crypto-currencies tokens, can provide a cutting edge advantage to realize specific business models.