Notifications Hub

Notifications Hub

EInnovator Notification Hub provides a white-label out-of-the box solution to drive user notifications and distributed coordination.

Applications can send notification to users using multiple mediums to maximize responsiveness, including Email, SMS, and in app notifications. A rich and generic event notification model is provided that maps into the needs of virtually all app. Create custom notification templates, for each event source and action.

Client libraries are provided out of the box, including Java/Spring Boot Starter library, and JavaScript library. A test framework is provided to develop, test, and visualize notification templates before being used in the app.

Feature AreaFeatureUse Cases
User NotificationsEmail, SMS, InApp NotificationsSend notification to users using multiple mediums
Notification PreferencesNotification preferences UI with multiple themes
Rich Programming ModelCustom templates,provided client libraries, test framework
User PreferencesInter-App Preference Synchronization
Preferences Customization
Follower ManagementRelation Management and Dissemination of Events
Custom Business Rules
AuditingUser and Object Actions Tracking
Centralized Access Monitoring

Notifications — Background

User Notifications are a mandatory feature in all applications to build user engagement and responsiveness. Notifications bring user attention to relevant events in application, shows that business care for users, helps to build sense of community, and reduces churn rate.

Asynchronous notifications are also of critical important to maintain coordination and consistency across services in a distributed micro-service architecture. While different services should work independently as as much loosely-coupled as possible, key events often need to be know be all application to maintain state and data consistency.