Micro-Service Suite

Micro-Service Suite

EInnovator Micro-Service Suite is a collection of micro-services that provides core middleware functionality to quickly bootstrap application and business development with rapid time-to-market.

Using out-of-the-box services allow you to focus on the specifics of your business use-cases and applications. You get the benefits of micro-service architectures and reusable middleware without getting bogged down on the technical aspects of distributed computing and doing the pain-staking work of reinventing the wheel.

Core services provide generic functionality that is independent of the business domain. Using them accelerates application development and streamlines the life-cycle from business idea to continuous delivery.

SSO Gateway

Security for Apps and Microservices

  • Authentication & Account Management
  • User Identity and Profile
  • Organization & Group Membership
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Invitations
  • OAuth2
  • Customizable Password Policy
  • Multiple Themes

Notification Hub

Drive User Engagement

  • Multi-Medium User Notifications
  • Email, SMS, InApp
  • Inter-App Preference Synchronization
  • Notification Target Selectors
  • User Actions Auditing
  • Newsletters and other Mail Jobs
  • Editable Templates
  • Multiple Themes

Document Store

Cloud Storage for User and App Files

  • Document Management
  • Meta-Attributes
  • Attachments and Versions
  • Integrated Permission Model
  • Hybrid Storage
  • Backup and Replication Policies
  • Multiple Themes

Social Hub

Build Communities Around your Apps

  • Embeddable Comments
  • Discussion Forums
  • User Reactions
  • Gamification Rewards

Payment Gateway

Secure Payments for Instant Monetization

  • Active Payments and Billing History
  • Credit/Debit Card Management
  • Country Taxes
  • Invoices & Purchase Orders
  • Payment Management