Software Engineering Meetups

Learn from Experts, Give a Talk, and Network

The Software Engineering Meetups , sponsored by EInnovator, are a meeting ground for learning new subjects from experts, propose and give a talk to the community, and network for fun & profit.

Topics Discussed at Meetups

  • Spring Framework, Java
  • Software Development
  • Open Source Software
  • Web Development, HTML5, Javascript Frameworks
  • Computer Programming
  • Microservice Architectures
  • Cloud Computing
  • NoSQL Databases
  • BigData, Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • Programming Languages

What happens at Meetups

  • Talks on IT topics by Invited Speakers
  • Social and Professional Networking
  • Free Soft Drinks and Food
  • Free Swag and Vouchers

Who should join

  • Software Developers
  • Spring, Java Enthusiasts and Practitioners
  • Microservices and Distributed Systems Engineers
  • Enterprise Software Architects
  • BigData Engineers and Scientists

Upcoming events


  • Conflit-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDT) — Theory and NoSql Database support , Sept. 28, 2016, 19:00 GMT+0
  • Portable Microservices Architectures with Spring and Cloud Foundry , Oct. 12, 2106, 19:00 GMT+0
  • Enterprise Integration with TIBCO — Common Patterns and Best Practices , Oct. 26, 2106, 19:00 GMT+0
  • Improving Spark Performance , Nov. 9, 2106
  • The Anatomy of MySql Java Driver — Optimizations and Useful Settings , Nov. 23, 2106, 19:00 GMT+0

Want to Give a Talk

Are you an expert in some topic ?!
Would you like to share your knowledge with the local peer community ?!
Do you want to market your skills to the local business community ?!

Propose a talk for an upcoming Meetup, and we will be glad to learn from you.

Email to:

Use subject MyTalk@Meetup . Include in email talk details: title and abstract.